Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Fleeing Rita

Via SayUncle comes one family's hellish experience of fleeing Houston in the face of Hurricane Rita:
As we moved along, our own gas became critical. My wife was in such agony over the whole ordeal she said she would prefer to bear a child or suffer almost anything else over this situation. My kids were magnificent, bearing it all in stride. There is a wonderful lack of perspective that a child has. After encountering several attempts to get off the road to find an emergency restroom for one of our party, we found ourselves in the parking lot of a Fiesta food store that appeared to be opened. It was a quite desperate move, I'll not go into what arose to lead us there, but we left the freeway for a good reason when we could. It was a madhouse. The store was in fact closed and the doors were guarded by police to prevent the rabble outside from looting. There was no order, trash was everywhere, and people were arguing and frantic. We pulled into the lot and realized we were in the midst of a rather shady crowd or gang bangers and the like. Traveling with my pistol at hand gave me some comfort, and I had a riot shotgun riding "shotgun" the whole way as well, and I was getting really nervous as people began to size us up, examine our vehicle contents with craning necks and generally see if we were worth a fight. But had it come to a fight there would have been little hope of getting out fast. Sheer numbers of potential opportunists and jammed traffic would have made diplomacy necessary in light of survival, force would have insured panic, looting and possible returned force from the police guarding the store (two of them, perhaps their loose grip on the situation would have prompted them to flee, and I wouldn't blame them a bit.) We managed to get out of there as fast as possible, still having a fairly dire need for a refuge.
He notes that the news seems to have been censored by City officials or police, too. Or is it censorship if the press and broadcast news (including radio) gladly play along in keeping the truth from being told? Isn't that called conspiracy?

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