Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Joke of the Day

Via Jerry Pournelle:

Dirty Magazines

Soon after being transferred to a new duty station, my Marine husband called home to tell me he would be late - again. He went on to say that dirty magazines had been discovered in the platoon's quarters and they had to discipline the whole squad. I launched into a tirade, arguing that many men had pictures hanging in their quarters at our previous post, so his new platoon should not be penalized for something trivial.

My husband calmly listened to my gripes and then explained, "Honey, dirty magazines: the clips from their rifles had not been cleaned."
Better Than ONE is Many

Once again, Mick at Fishkite unleashes one of his patented link-filled, meticulously detailed posts wherein he devastates Bono and his mushy-headed feel-good anti-Americanism. Mick shows how Americans are far more charitable than Bono seems to think we are, then turns it all back on the central question with crushing authority.

He has a cool chart, too!