Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mean Ol' Curmudgeon Me

From an emailer taking me to task over the meanness of my blog posts comes this entertaining bit of self-revelation:
I guess I read people who are nice and fun not so much rightwinged.
Obviously didn't read past the post that got them here, did they? But I love how it's not that we disagree or anything, it's that right-wingers are just bad people!

Yeah, nothing keeps you warmer than a smug sense of self-righteousness.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

All the News That's Fit to Ignore

In the comments to this post on the Tennessee Guerilla Women blog -- about a fund-raising visit for Harold Ford Jr by former president Bill Clinton -- "Newcoma" says this:
Don't remember a deficit under him. or a war.
Now, of course, this is an astonishingly stupid thing to say because of, you know, Somalia and Iraq and ... well, there's that whole Kosovo thing.

You remember? We invaded a sovereign nation with which we had no beefs whatsoever. The UN condemned us for it, although Europe and NATO were happy for us to do their dirty work. You see, the folks fleeing from all the fighting were headed to Central and Eastern Europe. Millions of 'em. Just flooding over the borders. It made the Europeans pretty upset and they wanted something done. So, we did it for 'em; or rather, Clinton did it for 'em, as he likes Europeans a lot.

But what raises Newscoma's comment from astonishing to stupendous in the Ignorance column is that she's the managing editor of a small, West Tennessee newspaper!

Yeah, the person responsible for getting out the twice-weekly paper, who is happy to blog about all things newsy, can be that stupid. Or that willfully partisan. Or that selectively blind.

Or just that dumb.

And we should trust this person with our twice-weekly ration of news why?

Oh, and the TGW post has an adulatory picture of Bill Clinton, to heighten the point about how well loved he is. Well, here's another picture, nearly forgotten, of a float from a German New Year's parade in 1999. Yeah, those Europeans really love him: