Thursday, March 20, 2008

Random Photoblogging

Just some pictures I've taken lately.

First, Bennie asleep on the bedroom floor in a spot of sunlight. This came out better than I expected, but still not quite what I was hoping for.

Riding the bus one rainy Saturday.

There's a stray that a couple of my neighbors take care of. She lives outside and claims the whole building as her territory. She and Bennie do not get along at all.

I rather like this shot of the stray, named Pook-A-Pook. My neighbor Danny gave her the name. He can't explain what it means nor how to spell the anme. She obviously used to be someone's pet before she went stray. I'm guessing she was put out. It's not obvious in the photo, but she's a polydactyl. Her paws look like huge mitts.

Another view of Pook, in her upstairs home. I bought that cat condo for Bennie, and she utterly ignored it; so, I donated it to Pook. Danny put it up high on the A/C unit in his living room. (We live on the second floor.) Pook loves it for the view she has of her domain and its trespassers.

I've mentioned before that I like to play EPIC: Armageddon. This is a closeup of a game in progress. Sorry for the blurriness, but I like the composition and angle.