Monday, January 08, 2007

Mr. Pot Bangs Head Against Mr. Kettle

Let's do this FARK style:

Blogger makes fun of Michelle Malkin's name. He's a Crook. Irony tag asplodes.

But wait! It gets better. In comments, he goes on to make fun of Asian-Americans. Kinda makes ya wonder what he says about other non-white people when they're not around....

The kids at The Flypaper Theory got all goobered up over the Bob Corker "bimbo" ad, claiming racism for weeks. They hammered at the Commercial Appeal and Jake Ford for racism during that race. One of their own bloggers makes a blatantly, pointed racist comment and the head of the blog, Chris Davis, nods along.

By the way Chris, her last name is Maglalang. Don't go there. As she says, "I think my brother beat you up in third grade when you used the same dumb taunt."

FRIDAY THE 19TH UPDATE: Well, the kids at Flypaper Theory finally noticed the post and boy howdy! Chris was all "Nuh-uh!" and then Jeff went "Huh?" and "Aw, hell naw!" Read the comments thread. Chris does clarify one point (re: the "bimbo" ad; see comments to this post for more from kibitzer) but Jeff just keeps digging and digging, proving my point all over again.

Look how angry Chris gets, too. Lawyers may now become involved.

AND THEN! Not satisfied -- nor wanting to go to moderated comments on his blog so he can control debate and always win the arguments -- and wanting to Shut Me Up Forever, Chris deployes his NUCLEAR OPTION. It's his way of Putting Me Beyond the Pale of Decent People.

Never mind that he and I went through this a year ago. (Related post here.) Chris wants me Silenced.

He's been a regular reader here. He knows I'm a registered, voting Libertarian with a deep distrust of government in anyone's hands. He also knows I'm not prejudiced against blacks. Anyone who's read my posts on life on Monroe Avenue, as he has, knows that. I'm initially supporting Herman Morris for Memphis Mayor, for heaven's sake. I worked for almost a decade at a drug treatment center. I'm the guy who's been trying to find Memphis' black blogosphere for four years now.

But no. He's on a Search and Destroy Mission, so things he knows to be true must be hidden from the reader, context must be erased, so as not to deflect his effort to make me an EVIL NAZI.

He couldn't win the earlier debate on points. He is psychologically incapable, it would appear, of just saying, "Let's end it here, OK?" or of just dropping it. Instead, like a petulant child, he lashes out.

I'm actually kinda tickled I've gotten under his skin and into his head so much! Obviously, I've pushed a button somewhere. I mean, he uses GREAT BIG FONTS TO EMPHASIS THE HORROR! Really. Go see.

Those of you on the left have gotten your marching orders from the Big Cheesy Pouf himself: I am now Radioactive Man! Sweeeet.

SUNDAY THE 21ST UPDATE Wow, Chris is growing unhinged. He's given up even attempting to refute anything and has just gone straight to vilification and deliberate mischaracterisation. He seems to want to win at all costs, and so is now painting me as some kind of David Duke.

Of course he can't tell me why I'm wrong because then he'd have to address the points I've been making. He can't do that, or won't, but same result. So he goes with what he knows: bile and venom. Lots of it, escalating. And then he claims he's going to be "busy for a while." How convenient for him.

He keeps editing and changing the post, so I'm going to quote him in full below for posterity. Screencaps have been saved as well, just in case.
UPDATE: Mr. Mike justifies his batshit crazy views by saying he's a Libertarian and the son of immigrants. He says this "breed the young white women before the browns overtake us" discussion is a discussion we should all be having. So folks, if you've got the stomach to read his views, click his links, and examine his "science," let's have this discussion. Others will have to jump in first because I'm gonna be busy for a while.
Notice all the code words and phrases he's using: breed, white women, browns, got the stomach, "science". That last in scare quotes, no less. I never talk science on this because it's not a scientific topic, it's a cultural and political discussion; that's just his way of nudging his readers into viewing me as a eugenecist. Nothing froths up the Left like Nazis, after all, and guarantees reams of spewing incoherent hate. He's hoping for wide currency for his deliberate smears so he can discredit me in general and in particular. Lame, yes, but typical and sad.

Except for one unfortunate word choice (which I regret but cannot change at this late date; it's still right where I made it, shaming me every day), I'm not having a race discussion. It's not about race, since Western liberal democracy is found in every color around the world. Asia, India, South America, Africa, and of course Europe and North America and Australia. He knows that and will not confront what I'm really talking about which is the threat to Western liberal democracy from a religion that does not share many of our fundamental values (personal freedom, religious liberty, freedom for women, freedom of expression, abhorrence of violence, etc.). He can't address that since he's staked himself to an all-out anti-war position. Folks with his position can't admit there might be any possible good coming from the war in Iraq. That post is a threat to his position. He might have to think and that might screw up his sloganeering.

It's a little frightening, sure, to have a moonbat loon decide to go full-bore after me. He's only concerned now with winning and shutting me up. There's no telling how far he might think is fair since he seems, like so many loons out there, morally certain of his righteousness. As C.S. Lewis wrote, "The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience." Not that he's tormenting me; he just seems to believe that he's allowed to do whatever he feels is necessary.

Like I said over there, go back and reread my blog. Read his posts on his blog, and his comments to his cobloggers' posts. I'm just some guy in Midtown posting thoughts and opinions. He's the paid, professional journalist. Decide for yourself.