Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Why Linux Hasn't Caught On

Via Wil Wheaton.

Have you see the latest PC/Mac commercial? It's titled "Security." It's probably the funniest yet because it's true and pointed. "You are coming to a sad realisation. Cancel or allow?"

I might as well plug these spoofs of the Mac/PC commercials while I'm at it. (Be careful, some are not quite work safe; watch your volume.)

Monday, February 12, 2007

Teen Girl Squad!!!

It's the Vamlumtimes Day episode of Strong Bad's Teen Girl Squad. Um ... Valentine's.

Why I Hate Local Weather

I wake up at 6AM and immediately go to check the weather reports, since heavy rains are expected some time today and I want to know what I'll be able to do. Since I either walk or ride the bus, weather is an important factor in trip plans.

On NewChannel 3 there's ol' Todd Demers with a radar map full of green. Lots of rain everywhere. Or so it seems.

"Most of this isn't even hitting the ground," he says as he then switches momentarily to a view that shows only a few tiny patches of green far to the west in central Arkansas. Then we go back to that view full of green and even some pink, for snow and ice. And every time we see that radar again, it's full of rain.

In other words, rather than show us what's really happening on ground level -- where I'm pretty sure nearly all of us live -- ol' Todd scares us with that green-stained monster. Or is he just so enamored of his pretty toy, which can pick up moisture not even heavy enough to fall from the clouds, that he'd rather misinform us in order to show how impressive his technology is?

None of the other stations were any better this morning, but that example really ticked me off. It's why I find myself relying on cable channel 75 and their radar. At least I don't have to worry about hype.