Saturday, July 27, 2002

The Million Dollar Mayor--County Version

In this story, the Commercial Appeal begins by making much of Republican candidate George Flinn's campaign spending. But readers who persist to the end get a slightly different story than those who skim Page One.

The CA pointedly notes that Flinn's disclosure forms show him spending $999,000. The CA also lists many other numbers, including Mayor Dr. Herenton's previous record, $962,000, or 96% of Flinn's amount. Big record-buster, huh?

Best line is Wharton's reaction: "Goodness gracious." Um...yeah. Wharton also makes noises about how he "never wanted to just wallow in money," even though his campaign raised $895,000, or 82% of Flinn's total. Right, no wallow there!

But the best part is voter reaction: "...they don't seem to mind." Sixty-four percent of voters polled said they thought it good when candidates spent their own money! A meager 17% disapproved.

Well darn them, we'll have to work to change their minds.

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