Sunday, September 14, 2003

Clinton Spies Spotlight; Hogs It. No One Surprised.

It was your typical Iowa campaign function, until the Clinton MeMeMe Show took over. Then the fun really began.

Look at the article and you'll notice that Clinton dominates over the candidates until nearly three-fourths of the way through. Then each gets a one or two sentence blurb, or a notation that they ran away from Clinton while he was still President. Clinton also rails against the tax cuts while eliding his own benefit from them. Ask him what he did with the check.

He also pulls this whopper: "I never had a nickel until I left the White House." Sorry pal, but your Presidential income puts you well into the top 5% of earners in America. And let's not forget the missus' not-insignificant income and investment returns. Poor, my ass.

Bold as brass; brazen like a New York hooker. The Clintons just can't stop it, can they?

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