Monday, September 29, 2003

Fresh Eyes, Part Two

I blogged a bit yesterday about the "Fresh Eyes" project of the Commercial Appeal, and some of the shortcomings that have been evident. Today's installment continues to argue my case.

It's about ZIP code 38115, part of the Hickory Hills area. It's a vast area full of industry, commercial and retail stores, and a changing mix of black and white. So what does the CA "Fresh Eye" see? Why the 20 Hispanic members of an area church!

Ask most folks, and the big story of that area has been white flight as more blacks move into the area, and a continuing rise in crime. Most folks accept that the two are related. But, the CA wants to note that there are Hispanics in Memphis now -- no! really? -- so here's where they choose to do so.

Anyone who drives out along Jackson Avenue, or parts of Summer, already knew that.

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