Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Fun With Photodeluxe

I'm not dead yet, as the man once said. Been playing with some graphics lately and set up a page on the hollihan.net site to share them with y'all. If you like 'em, please feel free to use 'em, just be nice enough to give me credit. Don't "hot link," as I'm on the most basic hosting plan and you'll hose my bandwidth! Go to this page.

Speaking of hosting, what's up with Hosting Matters? I sent them money a month ago, wanting to upgrade to a plan that will let me set up an SQL database so I can move to a MovableType blog over at my domain. I wanted to start at the beginning of this month, even though it meant paying for a few weeks I wouldn't use, but they seem intent on waiting until the actual renewal date or the first of next month to make the change! Hey, I'm ready now. I got the spare time (I quit my job this week. Anyone hiring fat, bald guys?), I think I can handle the MT setup (har, har, har, he says not knowing) and wanted to just GET IT DONE. Instead I'm cooling my heels. Sigh....

Been on the edge of coming back. I've got so many things bookmarked that it takes a while for the bookmarks to load when I click the button. I've got the time, for the time being. I want Jon to mention my blog in the Commercial Appeal, so I need some content. But, I'm still not quite there. Maybe soon, though.

Being me sucks bad sometimes. So, how y'all been doing?

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