Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Just Stop it Already!

Grrrrr! I'm getting so tired of Blogger and the constant changes at Blogspot. They've now added all sorts of new formatting buttons and options to the posting screen that it's just confusing. The new default font size is too large, meaning posts run off the monitor screen faster. I thought selecting the font would change just the screen display, but no, it changes the post by adding all kinds of HTML! Stop it! How about you just let me use what I have? Customers like consistency and generally dislike constant change.

Too much screen space is now options, toolbars, notes, formatting crap, and white space. The actual posting space itself is a small area near the bottom, though not close enough that I don't have to mouse-click and scroll to move between the posting area and the rest of the page to drag thing down when I fill the posting area.

Way too damn much clicking and scrolling around for me, not enough simplicity of posting. I'm getting tired of having to deal with this. Maybe this is the final push away to WordPress....

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