Friday, August 06, 2004

A Couple of Thoughts on Election Results

First, anti-tax folks have reason to rejoice today. Of the seven tax increase measures I've been able to learn about in Tennessee, six were defeated! Almost all by 60/40 margins, too. Only a local-option sales tax increase in Blount County was passed. That raises their local sales tax to the same level as Shelby County. Hey, we're not alone any more.

Second, boy does the Republican Party have some work to do. Nutjob Jim Hart, of the "favoured races" agenda, won his barely contested primary. Checking the unofficial results at the Tennessee Election Commission site, Hart has 7700 votes to write-in failure Bertrand's 2000. Of course, a lot of counties -- including Shelby -- haven't got all their write-ins certified yet, so it will change some in the next day or so.

Still, given his enormous vote total, I have to ask the ugly question: How many folks knew who he was and voted for him anyway? I'll reserve making observations on the failure of the Republicans to salvage this PR disaster until the vote results are certified, but still...what idiots.

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