Friday, February 25, 2005

Service Interruption

Sorry for the lapse in blogging this week. Longtime readers know it's a regular feature of Half-Bakered. I suffer occasional bouts of depression and lack of self-confidence. The big Tennessee Senate race post wiped me out; I got a bit over-involved in some discussion threads over at Blogcritics; I let some good bloggable things slide when I shouldn't have.

Unfortunately, I also suffered a severe financial shock this week. I'll have to spend a bit of time working to fix things. It's purely my fault -- extended unemployment, bad bookkeeping and evergreen laziness. But, if you've ever considered hitting the PayPal button to donate to Half-Bakered, now would be the time to do so. Please. You'd be surprised how little money I need to keep going (as I often joke, I have a five figure income but that first figure is a "1"), but rent must always be paid. As I was reminded this week.

Sorry to dump my personal problems on y'all. I don't normally do it here. (Have I every mentioned my romantic woes? You're welcome.) I'll have to work to get this back under control. Blogging may be sporadic and strange in the interim. I'm not going away, just having to divert more attention than usual to the eternal verities of money and shelter and food.

Thank you for your forebearance. Or help. Both. Whatever. Thanks.

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