Sunday, February 13, 2005

Spicing Up the Ford Image

Down in comments to another post below, I thought up a quick nickname for Representative Harold Ford, Jr. I mean Harold Ford, Jr. is a mouth and keyboard full. Besides, he needs a bit of the "street cred," don't ya think? He may be from Memphis, but he just oozes that Al Gorean "raised in the halls of privilege" vibe. He's too stiff and formal; he needs the greasy funk. He needs to connect with all those young, internet-savvy Democrats that Howard Dean will be scaring (hah!) up.

So, let's call him HfordJ. Types quickly, sounds a bit rapperish. He can even small-cap it, hfordj, like the chat-room kiddies do! Aitch-ford-jay. It sounds like something while not sounding like anything at all! How very market-savvy. And it matches his political style, too.

HfordJ. Yo.

You can even throw a hand-sign for it! Make a peace sign with your right hand. Now make a gun with your left, index finger pointing and thumb out. Palms facing you. Tip the peace sign over to the left about 45 degrees. Now lay the "barrel" of your gun across the peace sign like the bars of an "H", across the knuckles. Peace sign out front if you're a DeanDem; gun up front if your a DLC centrist. There you go. H-F-J. Hfordj.

Damn, I'm onto something. Remember where you saw this first, G.

MONDAY UPDATEChris at Signifying Nothing offers some ideas of his own. I think, in fecund Memphis, that "F-Unit" has promise.

I feel a graphic coming on....

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