Friday, June 24, 2005

Continue to Follow the Money

Via TeamGOP's website comes this press release, detailing the political contributions of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, a union, to various House and Senate races across the country.

In Tennessee, they have donated only to the House campaign of Jim Cooper, to the tune of $1000. On the Senate side... well, it gets a lot more interesting. In the all important race to replace retiring Bill Frist, the IBEW hasn't donated a dime to Democratic candidates Rosalind Kurita or Harold Ford, Jr. They have, however, given $5000 to RINO (Republican In Name Only) Bob Corker.

Think about that. The IBEW is, to look at their list, pretty solidly on the left. Of the dozens and dozens of races they contributed to, only one was a Republican. Of the $370,000 plus they've contributed, only $5000 went to a Republican. Bob Corker, who wants Tennesseans to think he's a solid conservative.

And the high-profile Democrat Harold Ford, Jr. apparently wasn't far enough to the left for the IBEW. Think about that, too.

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