Monday, June 06, 2005

D-Day Today

Today is the anniversary of D-Day, probably the single most important battle of the European Theater in WWII. Murdoc wonders how today's press would have covered that event.

My suggestion for how it might look:

5000 Dead in Single Day's Battle
Senator "Appalled" at Death Toll
Military Experts Criticise Timing, Location of Attack

Following months of Pentagon denials of an unprecedented military buildup along the English Channel coastline, despite press reports and eyewitness claims that detailed the massive influx of men and materiel, Allied military forces launched an attack today on the French coast against heavily fortified German positions.

When questioned about an invasion strategy that relied upon throwing massive numbers of men against entrenched fortifications on open coastline manned by a militarily superior force -- a strategy some critics have described as "inhumane" -- the Pentagon spokesman reacted angrily....
You get the idea.... It's not about the invasion, but about the wrong behind it.

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