Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Unaddressed Gap

While researching for a post above -- I was trying to find the number of reporters and journalists who are veterans or active military -- I stumbled on this page. At the bottom, there's this:
For example, I find that few
journalists have hunting or fishing licenses or own a gun while the
public they serve loves to fish and hunt.

A new study puts more light on the journalism-public disconnect. USA Today has a story. The study by the Annenberg Public Policy Center found a social divide:

  • On same-sex marriages, 59 percent of journalists favor them, compared with 28 percent for the public.

  • 17 percent of journalists said they attend religious services weekly, compared with 40 percent for the public.

  • 9 percent of journalists consider themselves conservative, compared with 38 percent of the public.

  • 80 percent of journalists said it was a "bad thing"
    for a news organization to have a strong political view in news
    coverage, compared with the public's 53 percent.

  • Asked if the government has the right to limit the press
    to report a story, 44 percent of journali
Another bit of anecdotal and statistical evidence that journalists are seriously out-of-step with their audience. Small wonder their audience is declining....

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