Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Canada Does It, Why Not Us?

We hear from those on the Left how superior the Canadian health care system is to ours, so I'd like to hear what they think about this program, er... programme in Canada?
Tory MPP Bob Runciman brandished crack cocaine paraphernalia in the legislature yesterday, demanding to know whether taxpayers are paying for a "harm reduction kit."

He asked Premier Dalton McGuinty whether government funds go to a Toronto Health Clinic for these kits.

"Do you think it's appropriate that taxpayer dollars are being spent to distribute crack cocaine kits in Toronto, given that half of all homicides in the city, according to Toronto police, are due to gangs fighting over this illegal drug?" Runciman said.

McGuinty said the decision rests with the City.

The Liberals later handed out a release that said the Queen West Community Health Centre has distributed safe crack kits for six years so "Bob Runciman's government approved the use of public health dollars on the distribution of these packages."
With so many of Memphis' poor on the crack, we should seriously consider this, don't you think? Maybe we need a publicly funded free crack program, like the methadone program in Frayser. Crackadone anyone?

And if the rumors are true, some of Memphis' political leadership might appreciate a little help. Having to maintain a crack habit on an elected official's salary must be tough. It leads to bribery and corruption. Or so I hear.

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