Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Demographics is Destiny

Regular readers know that I've grown fascinated with the interplay between demographics, birth rates and the edifice that is Western liberal democracy. Europe is becoming Eurabia because native Europeans are no longer breeding fast enough to sustain their population levels. They import workers from the Middle East to help do the work they no longer have the people to do themselves. The Arab Muslims are breeding faster than the natives and slowly, inevitably, pushing them out.

Japan as a country is pointed straight into the heart of oblivion. There population growth is below the replacement rate and their population is already shrinking. Add to that their monoculture (there are no "Japanese" but the Japanese), their resistance to bringing in workers and assimilating them, and you have a dying nation.

America thinks we're not experiencing this problem, but we are. The "native" population of white women are no longer reproducing at the replacement rate. Our nation's growth is coming from immigration, birthrates of immigrant populations, and the birthrate of African American women.

Anyway, Mark Steyn takes a look at this complex interplay and the near term implications. I agree that we are in a clash of civilisations -- Western liberal democracy v. Arab Muslim theocracy -- and in a rush to get the Arab Muslim world converted to Western liberal democracy (WLD) before their numbers overwhelm ours. History repeatedly shows that introducing WLD transforms women's lives so that they get out of the house, get educations, get into the workforce and politics, and start having much fewer children.

If we cannot sustain our numbers and influence long enough, we face being outnumbered and seeing the greatest transformation of human existence imaginable come to a screeching halt.

On the other hand, essays like this routinely seem to skip over Latin America, except maybe to mention Brazil. Latin WLD doesn't seem to slow the birthrate for women as much as Euro-American WLD. I think the difference is in the greater role that religion still plays in Latin nations. Euro-American WLD is far more secular, demandingly so, and I think that's the crux.

America is the still among most relgious nations of the WLD-sphere. We are the most populous, after India. I think that's part of what's insulating us, along with immigration, from the worst of the death spiral.

It's also why I've blogged before that the career model put forward by white feminists is inferior to the career model of black American women. Staying childess until your late thirties or forties, then having only one or, at most, two children, and then deforming the work world to support that decision is not the way to go. Having children young, when (grand) parents are also young, when you can juggle education and lower-wage jobs, means larger families overall, I think.

I'm finding myself becoming less concerned with high immigration than I used to be. (Though border control is very important!) What we need to do is reform feminism and its ills, reform how we approach abortion and pregnancy, and fearlessly re-establish the hegomony of Euro-American WLD as rapidly as possible. It's literally a fight for the future.

Seen through this filter, suddenly the Global War on Terror takes on new meaning, doesn't it? And George Bush, god help us, starts to look something like a visionary.


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