Friday, March 10, 2006

Customer Service Alert

I haven't had Subway in a good long while. Tonight I got a wild hair and went to the one by Blockbuster on Union. I could have sworn I ordered the Turkey BLT but when I got home, it was just a BLT. And I stood there dull-eyed the whole time he was making it, not noticing. Now, I do have a tendency to mumble, so I don't know whose fault this might have been.

So I trudged back with the sammich and asked whether the manager had heard BLT or turkey BLT. He said just BLT, but was more than willing to remake the sammich. It wasn't a revenge remake either, where they skimp ingredients and do a crappy job. It was a well made sammich.

So, kudos to the Subway on Union in Midtown. It might well have been my fault but he didn't care and was willing to make it right by me without any complaint or attitude. That's just good customer service.

And he gave me a free cookie! Alright.

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