Friday, June 09, 2006

Quote of the Day

From a report on the YearlyKos Konvention in Las Vegas, in the "Pundit in Training" workshop:
We were discussing the general pitfalls of shows like Hannity and Colmes, and one trainee pundit spoke up to volunteer that leftist guests “need to have more humor on these shows.” Hmm, I thought. They are learning. There were some murmurs of assent. And then she added, “We need to look at these people who are asking these questions and just ask them, ‘ARE YOU A NAZI?’”
Because, you know, that'll play well.

More hilarity here:
Not everyone in the group found that terribly convincing. “I was just wondering what world you were living in,” said one man who raised his hand, “if you said the America people are smart…”
That'll win votes, too.

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