Friday, February 09, 2007

It's On Like Donkey Kong

Blogger Mick Wright has called out local spittle-flicker Chris Davis, The Pesky Fly.
I hereby challenge Chris Davis (a.k.a. Pesky Fly), the blogger, Leftist moonbat employee of the Memphis Flyer and offensive epithet factory, to a live, in-person debate, held in a neutral forum and moderated by an agreed-upon volunteer.

I’ll give Mr. Davis until Midnight on Feb. 15 to accept my offer. If he declines or fails to respond by the deadline, I will from that point on ignore (to the best of my ability) all the childish name calling he tries to pass off as intellectualism and remove that eternally-nonreciprocal link from my blogroll.

If Mr. Davis accepts the invitation before the deadline, I will give him eight additional weeks to agree on a moderator, location, format and date. If he fails to commit on these specifics within that time period, same rule applies, plus I will construct a crude effigy of him and parade it through the streets of Marty Aussenberg’s lily white enclave, whereupon onlookers will have an opportunity to heap scorn.
My guess is that Davis will find some weasel reason to avoid Mick, even though he's been given carte blanche on the where and when. We shall see.

INSTANT UPDATE: Nashville's Brittney Gee has already noticed. Her post header? Meet Me On The Playground!

Somehow, I think if the politics were reversed it would be "Lefty blogger confronts his winger critic." And she'd sound supportive instead of amused. But that's just me!

FRIDAY NIGHT UPDATE: Yup, I was right. Davis has dodged. It's easier for him to sit protected by his blog and take potshots. (Or he's just making sure he doesn't get his ass fired. I suspect that has more to do with it than anything else.)
Whssamatta Mick, need a venue where you can turn up the volume? Our readers can moderate. Or if you want one person, then you pick. Hell, pick Hollihan so you’ve got a head start. Crap– let’s just say you’re the winner and send out a press release. I’d rather wrap this up here.
Dunno how I got in there. I guess all us wingnuts look alike to him. More from Pesky Fly here.

So, Davis capitulated and Mick "wins." Story over.

SUNDAY MORNING UPDATE: Mick wraps it up.

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