Thursday, July 19, 2007

Headline, Meet Story

The "new" Commercial Appeal has long had a problem with information-free headlines, but this, I think, is a new one: the headline contradicts the story!

Price tag may scuttle Liberty Bowl rehab dreams it says boldy at the top. That's why I clicked. Has something come up that will force either a new stadium to be built, or will we just have to make do with the current one for those two or three games a year when we need it?

But then the story bafflingly continues:
When University of Memphis officials met with national consultants to present their wish list for a new football stadium, "It was like being with Santa Claus," said athletic director R.C. Johnson. "They said, 'What do you want?' "

But Johnson knows Christmas may not come -- the city's proposed new stadium on the Mid-South Fairgrounds could be financially doomed by such factors as the skyrocketing cost of steel and strong sentiment against building anything less than a state-of-the-art facility....

"We may end up having to rehab" 42-year-old Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium.
It seems that the story and the headline should at least have a passing acquaintance, yes?

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