Thursday, April 03, 2008


I went to the MidSouthCon last weekend. I had a pretty good time, too, though I think I set my expectations a tad too high. I didn't have a plan for events (especially all the programming tracks) and let myself drift around too much. I missed or wasted a lot of opportunities that way. Below are some photos I took. I wasn't really thinking photos, so I just snapped pics when it occured to me that I should do so.

A few views of the Dealers' Room. Lots of repeats from last year, but the used bookseller I was hoping would be there wasn't this year. And all the board games were of the Munchkin / Carcassonne / Settlers of Catan stripe. The only dealer who had games beyond that didn't have anything I was interested in. (Or could even afford.) There were a couple of t-shirt dealers, though, which was new.

Found this woman in the hallways. There seemed to be fewer costumed people this year than last, though that may be a subjective perception. The wagon she's holding onto is a Radio Flyer-type that she had some Con stuff in along with her infant son, who seemed to be enjoying himself way too much.

Here's a series of shots from the Boardgaming Room, which was mostly my base this weekend. Surprisingly, I didn't play that many boardgames on Saturday. I did spend some time in the video room (which was packed) but didn't have the nerve to rock out on the Rock Band videogame in front of all the kids. (I could have been a grandparent to some of them! Yeesh.) The boardgame closeups are from a game called Tide of Iron. Pretty fun; similar to Memoir '44 or BattleLore.

I did spend some time in the Anime Room, which had some good stuff this year. I missed the truly weird, dark stuff Saturday night as I was ... boardgaming! The Video Room was hopeless -- lots of the same old movies you've seen a million times. (Star Wars! Star Trek! Superman! Independence Day! King Kong!) Nothing bizarre or foreign or out there or hard to find. I was deeply disappointed.

My buddy Mark Havener was manning the Games Workshop / Battle Bunker demo table on Saturday. That's him in the red t-shirt. He's with the Warhammer 40K Apocalypse game.

The Battle Bunker also had a demo of the game Space Hulk. I'm not much of a tabletop wargamer (like with figures shown here), but Space Hulk seems kinda appealing. I only play Epic: Armageddon, which is with 6mm figures and is much more strategic (almost chess-like), rather than slugging it out man to man.

Mark and I did a demo of Epic at last year's Con, which was a lot of fun. Many folks stopped by to watch and participate. But now that Games Workshop has withdrawn support for the Specialist range (which includes Epic), it wasn't going to happen. Ah well....

Another costume pic I took. Zombies!!

That, unfortunately, is that! Not many pics, but I thought I'd share my meager selection anyway.

I'm already saving up for next year's MidSouthCon.

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