Monday, July 14, 2008

Danger: Science!

Longtime readers know that Mr. Mike is a bit of a science geek. I also love to share my enthusiasm for the scientific method, empiricism, inquiry, and odd bits of knowledge.

Imagine my joy to discover some professors at the University of Nottingham, England, have made a series of short videos explaining, in very graphic ways, the various properties of the elements of the periodic table!

"Ever since this, I get quite excited." I know the feeling.

I'm a fan of Mythbusters, as you'd guess, and its British cousin, the more wild'n'crazy Brainiac: Science Abuse. And the Discovery and History Channels; if I could afford the Military Channel, which is sort of now what History used to be, I'd have that.

My childhood bedroom wall had a funny dark blue spot on it from when I mixed some random ingredients from my chemistry set. (Can you even buy those any more? I'm guessing the potential lawsuits and hazardous materials concerns have killed them off.) I built and flew model rockets, so yes, I am, in fact, a rocket scientist!

Remember, it's not science until something explodes.

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