Thursday, July 14, 2011

Three Years

It's been around about three years since the end of "serious", regular blogging here. Time to get back on the horse.

This blog has also undergone a name change. No more "Half-Bakered". (Sorry, Jackson....) So, those of you still following at home, make the adjustment in your RSS.

I'm switching over to a name I almost went with way back in 2002 when I first set this dump up. I like the homey sound of "rumpus room" and the air of childlike experimentation it conveys. Of course, your's truly loves the science. "Mr Mike" was a self-selected nickname I've used since college somewhere, almost as long as "Mr Professor", which was a high school thing. Hmmmm.... "Mr Professor's Rumpus Room of Science"? Nah.... Just a bit too much there.

Anyway, encourage me to stick with this. It's been hesitant and half-hearted the past few months. I really need to kick this into gear again. Twitter just isnt't a good place for me, though it has its uses.

I'm also testing out a new Google/Gmail/Google+ user account: Only I can't get my Blogspot dashboard to see the Half-Bakered account and on the mrhollihan account, it doesn't even see that I'm linked to this blog. So frustrating. I wish I could just subsume the old Half-Bakered account into the new "mrhollihan" account, but Google ain't set up that way, for some reason. So I may have to run two simultaneous accounts and jump back and forth. Anyone have experience with that?

It should go without mentioning, but I will: please don't add "" to your Google+ circles. Use "" instead. That's going to be my main online identity shortly. No more Facebook and less posting to Twitter (mostly pointers to here, eventually, or Twitpic, where I'm also newly installed).

So much new! I'm nearly giddy.

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