Monday, January 02, 2012

Not Resolutions; Just Advice

I first heard about Chris Hardwick's Nerdist podcast from reading Wil Wheaton's blog. Wil and Chris are longtime friends and former roommates. I enjoy the Nerdist 'cast; it's funny, relevant to my interests, and teaches me new things.

Chris has been expanding Nerdist Industries with new podcasts, and one is by actor/musician/performer Riki Lindhome interviewing various comics and actors about the process of getting to where they are in their careers. She got around to talking with Chris about how he arrived where he is, and I found the podcast really spoke to me.

Chris had some very general experiences and aims in his life that echoed mine. I was so struck by his advice to people that I actually wrote down some of the salient points and put them up on the bulletin board next to my desk. Here they are:

1. Surfing the Web isn't "doing something".

2. Why am I not pursuing what I love as a career?

3. Figure out what you want then carve a path to that thing. If it changes, that's fine.

4. I'm going to do this and I'm not going to stop.

5. It is your presonality that you are selling, your opinion. Information is free and ubiquitous.

6. People form an opinion and that's it.

7. If you expect an audience, you have to deliver.

8. Your gut is smarter than your brain.

9. You've been upset. now DO soemthing constructive with it!

10. Hire/partner with people -- people who are good at what you are not.

11. Learn to rely on other people. Find someone who complements what you do.

Pretty good advice, yes? That's why I put it right where I can see it all the time. They aren't my New Year's resolutions, but they are some points to always keep in mind for me.

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