Sunday, September 15, 2002

Aaaand We're Back

The hiatus is over and yours truly has returned. Personal and work problems overwhelmed me. They aren't solved, but I'll shoulder on anyhow.

I'm dropping the "Your Working Boy" tag on my posts. It seems to be confusing people. I am Half-Bakered, as is my blog. H-b for short. No other name, please.

I'll be taking on the Commercial Appeal's Susan Adler Thorp and the Memphis Flyer's Jackson Baker tomorrow, Monday, on their coverage of Mayor Dr. Willie Herenton's support for Lamar! Alexander. But in the meantime I have lots more below. Enjoy.

My thanks again to all of you who read Half-Bakered. Please tell your friends -- or enemies -- about this blog. And don't hesitate to send in any information, stories, links or suggestions you have. Email to asme -at- crosswinds -dot- net.

Until next time.

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