Monday, September 16, 2002

Tax Free Tennessee

The folks at TFT do yeoman's work, finding important stories from around the State and collecting good commentary from authors who don't make the local papers. [Yours truly has now appeared twice, I'm proud to note.] They are another example of the great power of the Internet. Trying to find in newstands and then read the many stories they collect would be prohibitive in both time and money. But thanks to TFT, it's all right there. They were instrumental in much of the organizing and information-dissemination during the Income Tax War.

They have many stories in recent days of the simmering Sundquist scandal [see Hobbs below]. And they also have a great story from Maine about a very familiar-sounding tax protest.

There's a real tax protest boiling up from below in America. Thanks to TFT for keeping us up-to-date, making important connections and helping it all to reach critical mass. Y'all are super people.

Until next time.

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