Friday, October 10, 2003

District Five Results

Last night's election results in the District Five City Council race are in, and it's not good. Carol Chumney, old-style Liberal Democrat, with 39% is in a run-off with Republican red-headed stepchild George Flinn, with 31%. The election will be in a month. It doesn't appear that Flinn can win.

Why? Because the third-place finisher was Jim Strickland, former head of the Shelby County Democrats, with 26%. Nearly all of those voters can be counted on to move over to Chumney, giving her an unbeatable margin. (Why is it every time I hear her name, "Chumney," I keep thinking of a Peabody and Sherman cartoon?)

Flinn is also cursed with a surrealist Republican party. One would think that they'd rally to the guy who will help to keep a Republican presence on a City Council teetering on a solid Democratic lock. But it helps to remember that these are the same folks who abandoned their own candidate for Mayor in favor of Herenton, because Herenton's government is openly welcoming to the various and many Republicans who are seeking to make and increase their own fortunes. They'd gladly abandon their own party and principles for a buck. And punish the guys, like Flinn, who try to upset that applecart. It's the money, first and foremost.

That's why the Republicans haven't been able to really capitalise (Hah! There's a pun for you.) on their increasing numbers and appeal in the eastern suburbs of Shelby County. Lots of fertile ground, but few sprouts. Because they would rather eat their own than jeapardise their own personal interests.

Saddled with that, Flinn is almost certainly doomed. And we get...shudder...Chumney. Just go ahead and open your wallets right now, and throw your money at the City Council.

You'll end up doing something like that soon anyway. It's just easier this way.

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