Thursday, October 09, 2003

Get Your Story Straight

Over the weekend I blogged about the Commercial Appeal's shameless shilling for Mayor Herenton. Part of the editorials by Kushma and Kelly were the usual moans about low voter turnout. Yesterday, over at Blake's Blog, he also makes mention of low voter turnout today.

So, it was more than a bit of a surprise to see today's front page story, "28% of Memphis may vote today". Say what?! The article goes on to claim something called the "Schwarzenegger effect" may boost turnout. As if. This is one of the saddest election cycles in recent memory, and for Memphis that's saying an awful lot. No imaginary spill-over of fascination with California's recall, which is also largely a press phenomenon, is happening here. Anecdotal evidence on my part suggests that a whole lot of folks are as disgusted as they've ever been with our "leaders," and this comes from across the political spectrum, not just the libertarian and conservative Right.

Most amusing of all, guess who wrote the article today? Why Blake Fontenay, Mr. Blake's Blog himself. I think he should start scheduling more meetings with the various parts of his mind more often.

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