Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Good News #2

I had a delightful lunch today with Peggy Phillip. Being bloggers who read each other, it made the initial stranger-nervousness fade immediately. We hit it off and the hour sped by. She didn't give up any newsroom secrets -- drat it! -- but we talked all kinds of subjects and Peg was never less than knowledgeable or enthusiastic.

For a big-city newsroom director, she's amazingly regular. I never got a self-important vibe from her, nor any sense that I was some lesser form of life under the microscope of her examination. The biggest thing I felt from her was strong curiousity. She has a surprising, realistic view of her field and its limits and problems; she also shows real dedication to standards, which was nice.

I'm hoping we get a chance some time after the insanity of May sweeps to have a longer lunch, as we barely scratched the surface. Peg promised to make the next Blogger Bash. Should be fun!

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