Sunday, July 11, 2004

Gmail For The Troops

As y'all know, I signed up for Gmail, thanks to Blogger. My addy is I got some free invites as well.

One of the invites I gave directly to a soldier I know who is going to Iraq in the Fall. Three more I donated to Gmail4Troops, which will be spread out to three other soldiers. Gmail is perfect for troops for a couple of reasons. First, it's web-based. Soldiers can access their accounts from any computer anywhere in the world that's hooked up to the Internet. Second, it comes with one gigabyte of memory. That's great for storing pictures and even short movies, or lots and lots of mail. If you have some Gmail invites laying around, please think about donating to this great cause.

The last two invites are available. Take me out to lunch, do me a nice, or offer something I might like and I'll give it to you. First come, first served, if I like your offer.

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