Thursday, July 15, 2004

Still Twiddling

No, not back to blogging yet. But, I have been playing around with the new main page for Half-Bakered. I'm slowly learning more CSS and trying experiments with it. Nothing fancy, that's for sure, but it's still some fun results. I have nine stylesheets for you to choose from now, including some more new designs like Green Marble, Space Geek and Fall Leaves.

Next I'll be experimenting with absolute positioning and static graphics. More sophisticated stuff and maybe repositioning some of the elements with CSS. Please let me know if any of the templates look particularly wacky in your browser. I've only checked them in Firefox 9.2.

As for the problems with the Atom feed, mentioned by Jemima in comments down below, I have no idea. I just have the standard Blogger link on the page. All I can guess is that, since I use a DIV tag inside the posts (look at the source) to create my titles, instead of the new Title line that Blogger provides, it might be that screwing things up. Sorry. I don't want to change using that for now, as it will be what I'll use to delimit and categorise posts when I finally get around to importing all the old archives into Word Press or whatever.

As always, your thoughts on the redesign over at for the new blog home are welcomed.

Lastly, please consider hitting the PayPal tipjar over on the left there. Yes, Blog*spot is free, but I have a lot of stuff housed over at (like the Kerry Mockery page, the Why We Fight page, the Carol Wallop page, etc.; see the links under Web Empire), which isn't free. Hosting Matters has recently rejiggered their hosting plans to give even better deals (more space and bandwidth for the same price!), but it still costs me money. If you can help, I'll love you long time. Or something like that.

Thanks for stopping by. Y'all come back soon, OK?

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