Sunday, September 04, 2005

Gang Refugees

Before coveragae of political bickering buried them, there were regular stories of looting and armed, organised gangs stripping homes and stores in flooded New Orleans. If you go online, you can still find plenty of these stories.

It's fairly safe to assume that NO's gangs took advantage of the opportunity to go on a shopping spree. No doubt they all have armaments, supplies and entertainment goodies stockpiled all over the place. They also likely have a lot of merchandised safely tucked away in warehouses waiting to be resold on the black market, profits going to help the gangs.

Now, I doubt the gangsters are going to remain in NO for very long. After all, you can live Escape From New York only so long. Eventually, you've picked the corpse clean and dried up the revenue streams. Eventually, you'll want to move to another city.

A city like Memphis. Are Memphis police and Shelby County cops preparing for this eventuality? I don't want to wake up a couple of months from now with television and newspaper news blaring the latest in a "string" "street gang" deaths and have the cops profess to be surprised, or worse yet to claim it's no relation to NO gang evacuees.

Does anyone know if the police are ready for the influx?

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