Sunday, September 04, 2005


When Justice O'Connor retired the Left's mantra was that "like must replace like." That is, they demanded that President Bush appoint someone who was perceived as a moderate, consensus-building centrist.

Now that Rehnquist must be replaced, will their new demand be that "after appointing a conservative, he must now appoint a centrist (or left-leaning) justice?" It wouldn't surprise me to see such a change.

Brit Hume noted this morning he expects to hear calls for a "uniter, not a divider" based on "the national tragedy." And sure enough, on This Week with George Snuffleupagus, Bob Woodward made preciseely those arguments!

Someone wake me up when the Democrats and the Left come up with an agenda and not a position of automatic gain-saying. Watching them twitch their knees every time the hammer of events touches them is tiring, to say the least.

My guess would be that Scalia or Thomas becomes the Chief Justice; Roberts gets approved; one more solid conservative and a moderate-ish Federal Circuit Court judge get nominated. And the court moves solidly right, though still in the "supremacist" and "activist" modes. Sadly.

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