Friday, September 23, 2005

Roscoe Dixon Thinks He's Jesus?

Lord protect us. In yet another example of why I think most Memphis politicians are detestable scum, Roscoe Dixon, responding to a court appearance where the Federal prosecutor had announced that more charges against Dixon were forthcoming, said:
Once they get after you, they get after you. You just spread those hands and get nailed to the cross.
It's good that politicians are religious, since it means they have at least been exposed to morality and ethics if not quite infected by them, but bad when they get the sinner-redeemer equation ass-backwards.

So, does this make prosecutor Terry Harris Pontius Pilate? And is Mayor Herenton then a Pharisee or a Roman? Does that mean Memphians are Jesus-haters, ready to kill their Lord again? Is John Ford Barrabus?

Can we expect Dixon to go away and not reappear, except briefly, for at least two thousand years?

We can only hope.

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