Monday, February 27, 2006

The Mayoral Recall Is ON!

OPERATION FEDUP is now underway. Follow the link for more information on where to obtain petition signature sheets, when the next meeting will be, and what businesses are supporting the recall.

I have long been a critic of Mayor Herenton. He's arrogant, in the pocket of certain developers, following a vision of Memphis that benefits a small area (downtown) while ignoring the other 95% of the city. He's openly lied to the public and admitted he will lie when it suits his needs. Under his watch, Memphis has gone from financial prosperity to the poor house. Our rainy day fund is gone, there is no rescue plan nor any sign of fiscal responsibility, and our bond rating has been consistently downgraded for years as a result.

At the least, it's time for him to go. In the wider scheme of things we need to send a message to the kleptocracy that's running things in Memphis that the party is OVER!

The next step after the recall is the Charter Commission. I'll blog more on this later, but it seems to me a perfect chance to undo a lot of the damage Herenton (and the City Council) have done to this city. Were you aware that the Mayor, by City Charter, can only appoint about 100 people to paid positions in the City, and that Mayor Herenton has appointed well over 300? Many receive salaries far above six figures, too.

Since these actions are already done, we're told by City lawyers that they cannot be undone, nor can salaries be downward-adjusted. We can make one fundamental change, though, via the Charter Commission to undo this: Switch to a city manager style of government from the present mayoral system.

What this allows us to do is to void everything and start over!

More on that later. In the meantime, go to Operation FedUp and get involved today. The future of your city depends on you.

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