Thursday, April 06, 2006

News Not Fit to Print?

As far as I know, this incident never made the news, although you'd think such a high-profile scuffle in such a media-rich environment would.

The proprietary and exclusionary reaction by Greg Duckett is always disconcerting to hear in a public servant. It's not your office, it's mine. Don't forget that.

It's also amusing that Duckett thinks Roland "broke" a perfectly serviceable election system. It's obviously a mess, and we only know of the irregularities at one polling precinct! Imagine what a real investigation would turn up.

And don't forget that the local paper didn't do the groundwork on the story they broke about dead voters. Terry Roland did, and gave it to them. They only did confirmation work.

That's really sad. So much power in our local government, so many discrepancies and abuses, and so little investigatory prodding and poking by the folks who self-appointed themselves as your guardians.

It's like finding the guy who volunteered to take the first look-out shift sleeping on the job, or watching television instead of doing patrols.

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