Monday, May 01, 2006

Anecdotal Evidence

Take it for what it's worth. The news was full of talk about today's illegal immigrant rallies, but I noticed the Mexican construction workers across the street were there bright and early this morning, maybe 7AM. They left just half an hour ago, about 6PM. They did take a very long lunch though. Some "Day Without Immigrants."

The evening news was hard to take. Lots of talk about crowds but nothing comparing them to the size of the last rallies, an omission that's odd for television news to make. One "rally organiser" doofus even started talking about "our rights as citizens under the Constitution." Hey! You aren't citizens, so you have no rights under the American Constitution. It doesn't apply to you yet.

Join the club and earn the membership benefits.

As for Memphis itself, if there was a rally, I didn't see a mention on the local evening news, either at 5 or 6PM. If there's something later, I'll update.

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