Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Embarrassing Crush

Every so often, I develop embarrassing crushes on various television personalities, like FOX13's Holly Hancock or Star Trek: Voyager's Jeri Ryan. It's happened again, and this time it actually is kind of embarrassing. It's the wife in those Sonic Drive-in commercials.

I had no idea who she was until I lucked into finding this page where I learned her name is Molly Erdman! It turns out she's a hard-working Chicago improv actor and part of the legends of comedy, The Second City.

She also has a revue act with her husband (Drat! The good ones always have a husband.) and takes part in a live improv version of Seventies tease-and-sleaze game show The Match Game. Wow.

You can read a bit about the development of the new Sonic Drive-in ad campaign (with the two goofy guys) here.

I always fall for cuties. Women who are unquestionably good looking but never get the label "beauty." Who still have something fresh-faced and wholesome, but frequently have a twisted side. (Not Holly Hancock, I know. Nothing twisted there.)

It's that slightly strange spin that Molly brings to the commercials that's attractive. In one, she hints at a wild weekend in New Orleans her husband doesn't know about. In another, when asked what some Sonic sandwich has that he doesn't, she replies rather blankly, "Bacon." It's the quick pause and the odd intonation that hints at something weird inside her.

And, of course, she's good looking. Definitely.

So there you go. You may commence with the laughter and the mockery now.

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