Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tim Willis is Everywhere

A commenter over at Thad's blog points to a Commercial Appeal that links Tim "Kashflow" Willis, Mr. Tennessee Waltz, to the FedEx Forum mess via the PBA. Money quote:
In time, Willis headed a civic push to bring a pro basketball franchise to Memphis and was hired by the New Memphis Public Building Authority to handle public relations for construction of FedEx Forum.
That carefully elided "civic push" was the well-heeled and well-funded NBA Now.

It makes you hope the FBI will ask him questions about his time there and maybe, just maybe, expand their investigation into the Forum's finances and connections.

BTW, the very cool LeftWing Cracker forwarded a copy of the TDOT report on the FedUp Forum parking garage investigation. More on that later, after I can read it.

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