Monday, August 12, 2002

Another Milestone Achieved

Although I certainly didn't set out with that goal in mind, Half-Bakered has achieved another milestone today. I was referred to on Instapundit! You can see my letter to Glenn Reynolds about mid-way down the August 12 entries, 4:16PM. (Instapundit doesn't have individual item links.) Yeehaw!

What happened was Glenn linked to another blogger's entry (Stephen Den Beste) critical of anonymous blogging. Well, ol' Half-Bakered is anonymous, with what I feel is sufficient reason. So I responded, laying out my reasons and fears. Glenn felt it good enough to use! Yeehaw! Now if he would only add me to his links list. [hint, hint]

Thanks to Glenn for making a little ol' blogger's day. Those of you unfamiliar with Instapundit are urged to go there immediately. He's on my short list of daily surfing, which should say enough.

Until next time, that is all.
Your Pleased Working Boy

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