Thursday, August 15, 2002

Debate? What Debate?

It was the first gubernatorial debate between Democrat Phil Bredesen and Republican Van Hilleary, minus the smaller party and independent candidates. It's about the future of the State, post-Income Tax War. [I invented that phrase, so forgive me for overusing it.] So, does any Memphis TV station pick it up?

Of course not! Shame on all of them for putting profits ahead of civic responsibility. Although, given the rough weather last night, most of the debate would have been covered over by weather warnings or interrupted by really concerned weathermen putting all that expensive technology to extravagant -- overkill -- use.

Thanks to the Commercial Appeal, though, we have the returned-from-vacation Paula Wade to provide this report on it.

Bill Hobbs calls it decently comprehensive and you can read the rest of his comment here. No disrespect intended to him, but a closer reading finds the usual CA biases.

Wade calls a Bredesen question a "a philosophical softball" but says Hilleary's response "neatly sidestepped it." Then Hilleary's next question "was half-accusation," to which "Bredesen calmly responded.".

"In the closing statement, Bredesen took his only shot at Hilleary...", whereas "Hilleary, in his closing statement, accused Bredesen...."

It's all in the word choice. Welcome back, Paula!

Until next time, that is all.
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