Thursday, August 15, 2002

Shifting Sands, No...Dirt

In this story in today's Commercial Appeal, which follows on from this story yesterday. Seems developer Kevin Hyneman was using dirt from the excavation of the new arena site to build up some land on the Wolf River, next to the Mississippi. The wall of dirt was 35 feet high, and on Sunday it collapsed, causing a blockage of the Wolf Harborage, trapping a Coast Guard ship and closing businesses farther up the Harbor. Both the CA and the Memphis Flyer first covered this piece of property some months ago when Hyneman stripped the land of trees, laying it bare.

Two quotes of interest:
Hyneman paid $2.6 million for the 21 acres, much of it easily
flooded, and arranged to have the arena dirt spread on it to raise
it to a buildable level. Recent negotiations to sell the property to
the non-profit Riverfront Development Corp. and developers
Henry Turley and Jack Belz were put on hold when the land
Doesn't that sound like a real sweetheart deal got scotched? Makes me curious. And Hyneman is going to be stuck with the half-million dollar cleanup bill, too, unless he finds a way to get the City to pick up the cost.

Then, from yesterday's story:
"But we told Kevin (Hyneman) to have his engineer review the
data that he's collected to look for any anomalies that might
show up," Monroe said.
Both stories mention and quote from City engineers, others from the Army Corps of Engineers, various consultants, even Hyneman, but nowhere is the name of Hyneman's engineer named! I would assume he has one, after all the City did give him permits. So, who was it and why isn't he being questioned?

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