Thursday, April 03, 2003

Already Dipping Into The Money Pool

Legislators wasted no time whatsoever in jamming their sticky, greedy fingers into the lottery money pool and turning it into a slush fund.
The House State and Local Government Committee adopted the amendment, authored by Rep. Jim Vincent (R-Soddy Daisy) that would deposit unclaimed lottery prize money in a new education fund. That fund would then be divided among the 132 legislators so they, in turn, could allocate their shares for educational purposes within their districts.
Nowhere at all did anyone backing the lottery propose this! It's precisely the kind of thing lottery opponents such as yours truly feared.

Nice to see legislators reach for your lowest expectations and prove every negative adage about them right. Hopefully, Bredesen will make it very, very clear that no lottery bill with this shit attached will get his signature.

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