Thursday, April 03, 2003

Tin Eared

It's been all over the news. I'm sure you've heard. Governor Phil Bredesen is cutting the State's budget by 9 percent wherever he can. He's trying to get cities and counties to take a cut in their share of State monies. Even his sacred cow, education, is doing without to a certain degree.

So why are these goobs acting like it's still the Sundquist administration?

Oh, wait. It's J. R. "Pitt" Hyde III who's doing the asking. He must think he's dealing with the Memphis Mayor and City Council, who think the sun shines from his ass.

Hey, the story even manages to work in the magic phrase: "world-class." We all know that's the most important thing about it. If it's Memphis, it's gotta have "world class."

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