Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Credit Where It's Due

I rag on the CA pretty mercilessly. They deserve it. Just see the next post.

But sometimes they do something good, even if it is by way of housekeeping, and I must laud them for it. A few weeks ago, the CA tried to reorganise their back pages, where the comics and the Jumble are. They were trying to compact some features into a tight space, so they cut a few comic strips to make room for features from other parts of the paper (the "this day in CA history" thingy).

They over-cut on strips, though not cutting enough since they kept "Mary Worthless" and "Apt. 3-No Gee" and some other awful stuff. But they had a fair bit of space to refill.

They chose to add a photo from the CA archives! Every day, we get a different photo of some bit of Memphis history. Today, it was a Memphis cotton carrier from the late 19th century. Previously, we've seen the new Main Library on McLean and Peabody, Booker T. and the MGs in their salad days, B.B. King as a very young man, the Memphis skyline in 1903, and others. I love history, so I'm enjoying this quite a lot. As time goes by, and they use up all the obvious things in the archive, we can look forward to a trove of photos of the real Memphis past.

Good going, guys.

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