Sunday, November 23, 2003

Bloggery At The CA

A quick update on the blog situation at the Commercial Appeal. First, they are adding a new blog to the mix, GO. Its mission is pretty wide and vague:
It's about moving around in the Memphis area.

About getting from here to there in ways that are efficient, fun and interesting.

GO will post the latest news about mainstream and alternative ways of traveling from Point A to Point B.

GO will include stuff about the people who plan, engineer, build, maintain and beautify our roads, rails and trails.

And GO will showcase your insights, tips, quips and questions.
Ummm...yeah. Unfortunately, they fail to include an actual link to the blog anywhere in the article. Digging around finally turned it up, though. The first post was made almost two weeks ago, and is so far the only one. Typical CA bloggery, I'm sad to say.

Take a moment to read the comments to that post. The third one is a long announcement from a special interest group touting their existence and purpose. What I found most amusing is that they are a Federally funded organisation seeking to get more government spending for their programs. Ahhh, irony.

The other major CA blog, Blake's Blog is doing much, much better. While I was on hiatus, Blake began to post more personal and open-ended stuff, tales of college football obsessions and road trips. It's a great direction for Blake to take and I hope he continues in that direction. Sadly, he's still not getting comments, nor is he engaging much in talk with his commenters. Still, it's a good thing.

Finally, I discovered that the Commercial Appeal's website has a discussion forum! I'm not going to link to it; you'll have to scratch around like I did to locate it. Which is just as well because it's a terrible, terrible place, full of venomous back-biting and pointless wastes of storage. The admin tried early on to get discussion going on various ideas they wanted to try out for print stories, and to troll for free material to use in future stories. All that stopped pretty quickly when the goon squad took over. Ick. Avoid it unless you're the type who likes to slow down at accident scenes.

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