Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Bloggers Bash Time Again?

Well, it's mid-May. School's almost over and so is Spring. The long hot Summer isn't quite here yet, but is banging loudly at the door. Maybe it's time for another Memphis (and Mid-South) Bloggers Bash? What say you? The last one was a huge success, with great turn-out, lots of conversation, civility and respect o'er all. Since then, we've found more area bloggers; some who couldn't make the last one ought to be more available now.

I'm open to inviting LiveJournallers this time, if any want to attend. LJs are kissin' cousins to blogs; at least some are. And if your blog is a corporate, paid gig, as long as it's publicly open and publicly oriented I'm fine with that too. (As long as all you CA folks don't go all clique-y and reporter-esque on us!)

Ideas, suggetions? I would suggest an earlier start time if we do this midweek, as we flat out ran out of time with the last one! Or maybe a Saturday afternoon? Should we move to someone's home, or would a larger restaurant be better? Maybe a mall food court? We had nearly a dozen last time and I think we can expect fifteen or twenty this time.

Let's start this ball rolling!

[If we use quote marks, can we get away with calling this one the "Memphis in May" Bloggers Bash? Just a thought. Don't sue!]

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